What is curiouschi? What is this site?

curiouschi is simply curious-me. I put up this site to blog about topics that I’m curious about, to learn and to share.

What are your main interests?

I am working as a graphic designer in Helsinki so I’m interested in any design or illustration involved topics. I’m curious about the relation between design, business and technology and what can be built out of their interaction.

I have a media engineering background, which means I enjoy working with audio visual production , e.g video recordinganimation or motion graphics, meanwhile I can understand some coding.

I am not a programmer, but I am attracted to creative code and generative art.

My life-long hobby is photography.

Hiking and reading in all sorts keep me at ease.

Are you employed?

Yes, I am, but I am always interested to work in creative projects. Feel free to contact me at



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