Có nhiều thứ xinh đẹp đã được thực hiện ngày hôm nay. I am still wondering if I should write this post in English or Vietnamese.

#1. I fixed my clock, with lots of help from J. It’s a regular clock with a floral background that I love so much I decided to bought it from a flea-market, and when it stopped working I still kept it until I finally had time to buy a new motor and new arms. The process was interesting itself, learning how to adjust the right position for the arms and then fixed the nails. Can’t wait to put it back on the wall.

#2. One of the best things of the day, making my own garlic chilli vinegar sauce, a.k.a dấm tỏi ớt. It’s the red-white beauty in a bottle.

#3. Bought a new back-pack from Burton. Not so eye-catching but simple, light, practical and definitely helpful for my posture. A good choice for both work and travel.

#4. Received the newest CD collection of Le Cat Trong Ly: Dreamers. Cant describe how happy I am. Authentic music quality in elegant package design, what else could I ask for? Thanks to the one who hates me nonetheless and (also) won’t reply my message (anymore). Hihu.

#5. Bought flowers.

#X. New ideas coming.

It’s a nice feeling to see how things start to get in place. I invited Ly and Hai coming over for dinner yesterday. They are ones of the best friends I have. The fifth autumn is already here, which as always, remind me about one of the writings I did 3 years ago “when these days have gone by, who will soon forget the tender falls and the mellow apple taste?”. Apparently those who tend to forget, will forget anyways and the ones who stay, (hopefully) will stay no matter what.

I’m thankful for everything I have.


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