Motion Graphics [1]

My plan for June is to start focusing on Motion Graphics, as there has been many requests from work to make a motion graphics video to illustrate for our products. Personally I would love to create an animation myself with sound, music and cool characters I design. The main problem for ones who do not attend any design institutes is that it is extremely hard to find proper online materials that help you to learn motion graphics from scratch to finish. After searching around I found several courses which seem to be quite okay. I tried to find free courses (as always!) however most of them will need tuition fees. 20-100€ is actually not bad, especially when it’s about investing on yourself. The main concern is how much one could get out from these courses, but again, we need to start from something. So here’s what I have found:

Online Courses: AE tutorials – Motion Graphics for Video Editors: Working with Storyboards [ SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED ] Learn AE in 90 minutes [33€] AE Advanced Motion Graphics [87€] Motion Graphics and Animation Design [100$] 30 Days of AE [FREE]

MoGraphMentor: 36 weeks training with mentor [2000€/class – 6000€/3courses]

Inspiration: : update inspiring motion graphics videos tools and training about 3D

(will be updated)


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